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It is not uncommon for software to make life difficult for people who want to use their information in a variety of ways. Sometimes this cannot be helped as there cannot be a report created for every single eventuality.

We recognise this requirement and as a result we have endeavoured to create as many ways as possible for you to use your information with additional software tools.

The video on the right is showing the Print and Export button being clicked which creates a report ready for printing.

Finally, the video shows that you can also magnify or shrink the report to allow for a better view of the data. In addition to saving the information to a web or image format, you can find a list below containing the software that DPMS is compatible with:

In addition to saving the information to a web or image format, DPMS is also compatible with:
Excel is the premier software product for analysing information and DPMS3 is compatible with all versions, even the latest version Excel 2013.
Word is the most widely used wordpressor and DPMS can save information as RTF and Text, both are compatible with Microsoft Word.
The most common standard for document distribution on the internet are Adobe Reader PDF files.

Always be aware that Exporting or Printing data outside of DPMS can reduce the security of the data. Please be aware of the GDPR guidelines and always keep any data generated secure.

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