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DPMS has been developed in partnership with SERICC (South Essex Rape and Incest Crisis Centre) for over ten years.

DPMS is hosted in the UK using Microsoft Cloud services which conform with the requirements of GDPR by being hosted within the EEA. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest and all centres have their own database.

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Without constraining the user to enter information in a set pattern, DPMS allows the user to enter information as it becomes available.

Once the information is captured, DPMS offers organisations a multitude of ways to extract the information. You can print or export the information to Excel, Word or even create a PDF (as shown here). You can examine the data and ask detailed questions of the information using simple criteria such as “Client Age is between 19 and 35”. For more information about filtering click here.

This flexibility is especially useful when it comes to providing information to the multitude of funders, all asking for different monitoring reports. DPMS has the ability to record multiple detailed incident and perpetrator data. It can record and report on criminal justice responses e.g. SARC, Forensic, Police and Courts.

The main areas of data capture include:

Information can also be recorded such as Ethnicity, Sexuality, Nationality, Disability, Housing status, Employment status, Benefits, Location, Impact of violence, Issues past and present, Language details, Immigration details, Religion etc. For more information on the input forms, click here.

One of DPMS strengths is that it has been designed to be easy to use and yet extremely flexible. Most of the required information can be tailored to individual organisations requirements, so you are not forced to use unfamiliar terminology in your data capture. For more details about its ease of use, please click here.

Whether you want to add a note or details of a phone call or meeting, DPMS can record all contacts with service users and professionals. Even travel time can be recorded for organisations covering large areas. A cost can be associated with all activities so that calculations can be made in terms of the cost of service provided.

As funding streams become more outcome focussed, DPMS meets the challenge by providing a means of measuring the impact of the support provided by your organisation. By recording an initial assessment, progress can be measured by further review and outcome assessments taken throughout the duration of service.

The software was created using the latest tools from Microsoft and uses Microsoft SQL Server database system to store the information. It can run on most popular computers and simply needs to use a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or Edge. It is capable of sharing information with Microsoft Excel for further analysis. DPMS is installed in many different sized organisations ranging from single locations using a laptop to multi location organisations running DPMS on many computers.

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