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Visia Software Ltd are the developers of the popular software system DPMS developed in 2007 primarily for Sexual Violence organisations

The latest version of the software runs via the web making it available for use in the office and on the go.

  • DPMS can be used on a variety of devices including desktop computers, laptops and tablets and smart phones.
  • The software is hosted in the UK using Microsofts highly regarded Azure service which is also used by the NHS and MOD.
  • DPMS is the most widely used system in Rape Crisis Organisations across England and Wales.


DPMS support and training sessions can be delivered in a number of ways.

Email / Telephone

Organisations can contact Visia for support primarily by email. Our telephone number is only made available to current users of the DPMS software.

Automated error reporting

DPMS has been designed to inform us of any problems within the software, so we will always be sent an email by the software if an unexpected event taking place.


Training can be delivered either on site or remotely using web based training.

PDF Manual

A PDF manual is available for DPMS that is regularly updated to reflect the latest changes to the software.


DPMS Overview

DPMS is a cloud hosted service that has over a decade of development in close association with the Rape Crisis England and Wales and several prominent Rape Crisis organisations such as SERICC.

The system offers full end-to-end functionality, from initial contact by able to handle online bespoke referral forms that can be intergated into your website, to Report generation for monitoring data for internal or external use.

This flexibility is especially useful when it comes to providing information to the multitude of funders, all asking for different monitoring reports. DPMS has the ability to record multiple detailed incident and perpetrator data. It can record and report on criminal justice responses e.g. SARC, Forensic, Police and Courts.


An extremely wide range of activities can be recorded within the DPMS system, including non client related tasks and anonymous callers.

DPMS comes with over 4000 options in it's dropdown lists, and this can be extended on an individual agency basis to ensure that you are not restricted to our internal values.

Criminal Justice System

A great deal of Criminal Justice System information can be input into DPMS which includes the following:-

  • Incidents
  • Alleged Perpetrators
  • Police
  • Courts
  • Forensics
  • SARC


DPMS is supplied with a wide range of Forms that can be used as supplied or you can extend the choices by requesting Forms to your own requirements.

A vast array of Reports are supplied with DPMS, but you're always welcome to request additional reports.

We're more than happy to integrate with your website by creating bespoke Online Referral Forms that have your colour scheme and logos to blend in seamlessly with your website.


DPMS is hosted in the UK by Microsoft using their Azure hosting service. We have used the Azure service since 2014 and we have experienced great reliability during this time.

Each agency using DPMS has their own physically separate database to ensure maximum security and individual backup and restore capability. Backups are kept for up to 12 months.

Now available, the new DPMS!

In 2019, Visia began the development of a new version of DPMS that uses the latest technologies and includes many of the requests we have received over the years. The new DPMS is currently being installed for new DPMS users, and during Financial Year 2023 we will endeavour to transfer most existing DPMS users over to the new system in time for the new financial year in 2024.

The following new features are included in the new DPMS :-

  • Customisable Dashboards
  • Restructured Services section
  • Customisable Activity and Client screens
  • Enhanced Criminal Justice System section
  • Better presentation on phones and tablets
  • Multi factor authentication for additional security
  • Configuarable screen timeouts
  • Modern interface with integrated help
  • Ability to add and remove dropdown items
  • Pinnable Client Notes
  • ...and much more!
DPMS Screen sizes


Here are some testimonials from organisations that have been kind enough to share with us their experience of using DPMS

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At Visia, our primary method of contact is via email. Although we show a phone number below, this is to allow a voice message to be left with us so that we can respond once we have received the message.

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